Personality. Based off the name of the new legend and skill it is likely the new legend Wattson will have an electric theme. Code Names: Most of the legends in the Apex Games has one of these, except for Gibraltar and Loba, who are using their real (last) name and real first name respectively. Apex Legends was a massive hit as it pulled in 25 million players within its first week, which is more than Fortnite had when it first came out. EA announced the latest legend to join the Apex Legends lineup, Wattson. Wattson. The new legend goes by the name of Wattson, and one of the legends skills is called Tesla Trap. Possible Electricity Themed Legend. The same applies with Wattson (she looses her French accent), Bloodhound (they loose their Northern-Germanic accent), Crypto (he looses his Asian accent), Lifeline (Jamaican-ish-like accent lost), Gibraltar (Maori accent lost) and so on. Amelia enjoys FPS games the most such as Apex Legends and Valorant alongside open world games such as Fallout and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game Apex Legends data miners have unveiled a new legend and ability in the game code. The 10th playable charcter coming to Respawn's battle royale FPS Apex Legends was shown off at EA Play, and her name is Wattson. This battle royale gameplay speaks to players who were sick of Fortnite or preferred something more similar to Call of Duty.It is the perfect blend of these two games, creating a fan base as the world has never seen. She appears to be a defensive character, focused on creating laser grids and blocking offensive skills. She launches as part of Season 2 in July. Amelia is a highly active, expressive and kind individual who's often willing to help others, especially her own gen mates. Apex Legends has finally revealed information about its 10th playable character.Her name is Wattson, and she definitely seems different from most of her friends. Respawn Entertainment has provided the following character description for Wattson: . 1920x1080 good morning images hd 1080p download; 4k resolution hd alita battle angel wallpaper 4k; 4k wallpaper for galaxy s10; 4k wallpaper for galaxy s10 plus; 4k wallpaper for They all speak in the same Madrilenian accent, so they have lost a very important part of their personality. Wattson's Ultimate is called Interception Pylon, which can regenerate team shields. Wattson Character Description. ; Color-Coded Characters: Several of the legends have specific Color Motifs related to their personalities and abilities.. Caustic, a chemist specialized in the use of toxic gas, is associated with sickly … Perky engineer, Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette is no stranger to the Apex Games, having helped build its Modified Containment Ring alongside her father, who was the Games’ lead electrical engineer. As a defensive legend, Wattson can control the battlefield by constructing electrical barriers for her allies to hide behind.