There's nothing like watching a live performance in the middle of a video game. The rooftop one on the Jetty is accessible by parachute. Its roof has some cone-shaped tops, and some enterprising players have found that these cones make for perfect hiding places. GTA 5 - Best Secret Locations and Hidden Places! As one of the more expansive hidden locations – this secret mine tunnel is both interestingly designed as it is mysterious. Da ich standardmäßig im CEO-Modus unterwegs bin, schon wegen den komfortablen Möglichkeiten der Buzzard-Bestellung, ist der Bunker für mich nicht lukrativ und ich mache ihn dicht. Here we see an elegant design of marble and palm trees, and is a perfect mini feature for shooting scenarios with other players online. While a definitely cool room to take a gander at, just remember to hide any form of weaponry – lest you'd want a few FBI bullets headed your way. Sep GTA 5: Was bringt mehr ein ? Players can enter this area through the doors of the hotel itself, leading to a corridor that eventually exits to an outdoor pool. It might take a bit of searching, but no doubt you'll come across this mysterious visage. The area is also the perfect place to hide away from enemies; bombs or booby traps can be placed around the entrance to ward off potential bounty hunters. However, once you're inside the cones, you have the perfect cover and the perfect vantage point. Additionally, one can also find a an aim-practice mannequin and a tennis ball machine, further solidifying this theory. Its layout closely mimics the layout of the actual mansion used in the television series, with a few minor differences. The place houses a number of trailers, various military vehicles (including a silly, LED-lighted dune buggy), and a spot for leisure activity where a number of women can be found doing yoga beside a couple of arcade machines. This is a replication of The Hatch in the jungle on the island in Lost. Think you've explored all of San Andreas? You can follow me on Twitter @AmHurych. From there, their character must activate their parachute and glide underneath the city, eventually reaching an invisible platform that spawns the setting of a dark, abandoned hotel room. The back of the Epsilon Building has ladders to get you up higher, but in order to get into the cones, you have to glitch your way inside them. 2:34. On the north side of Mt. Upon reaching the base of one of these trees, the player will suddenly find themselves transported into a secret underground bunker, complete with mercenaries and FBI agents standing guard. Players would do well to arm themselves for the challenge. Amazing Secret Underground Cave in GTA 5!! The place is very well-detailed and definitely an interesting find on the map for players keen on living out a zombie fantasy on the outskirts of Los Santos. wModzz. jun 10, 2017 - gta 5 secret military bunker in hidden cave gta 5 gameplay This is believed to be a reference to a structure called The Hatch from the TV show Lost. Players can world-glitch their way underneath to the map in order to land themselves within Jack's room. (3/10 Maps) V3.0. Gunrunning bringt uns die ersten Bunker zu GTA 5 Online. Should players climb one of these ladders to get to the topmost level of the tower – they get a grand 360-degree view of the entire city, as well as the perfect vantage point for shooting down enemies (and, hey, if you want to be a jerk – other innocent players too). No one knows who this person is, or if someone does, they're not telling us who it is. 1.0 (current) 398 downloads , 89 KB January 14, 2021. During the introduction to the bunker after purchase, Agent 14 implies that the gunrunning operation was be… At the top of the tower, there's a re-spawning Minigun that's a blast to use. There are a few surprises behind the door, which you can access with some well-timed glitching or high explosives. The tunnel sits in a somewhat isolatedlocation and stands out around the … Hello guy, this Map cost me ca. A strange symbol can be seen drawn above Mount Chiliad on the map. Check out the Next Gen update to this video!! Though it may take a few, persistent tries, once inside, the player can then have a good top view of the streets – making it a perfect hideout for sniping unsuspecting enemies. Despite the other hidden labs or bunkers found in Grand Theft Auto: V, the interior of this facility is completely empty, leaving less chance of making enemies, as players go about their exploring. From there, players can roam about and discover the miscellaneous Easter eggs that it has to offer. While initially seeming like a random, mysterious site, the area is actually first seen in an in-game television series: the motel room of actor Jack Howitzer and his sock puppet, Ho Chi. The cave is located in an isolated cove a few miles north of Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto V is no exception to this trend. The Humane Labs is a research facility that is found in a more secluded area of San Andreas' map, and with a few sneaky game tricks, players can find themselves exploring the secret spaces inside of this private building. There is a small rectangular window set into the top of this, which lights up when the player draws near. Yet another wall breach trick, this hidden location can be found at the Epsilon Program building, and is once again an extremely helpful area for players seeking that perfect vantage point. - the drugs-bunker-with-lounge.xml data (when you dont have install a Menu for this, look at YT and download one) … When you have diffused the bombs and killed all the NPCs, you drive the truck back to your bunker. One mod in particular allows players into the heavily fortified Fort Zancudo one more time in order to access a secret underground lab. RELATED: GTA V: 10 Best Locations To Visit Once You've Finished The Game. Air vehicles can also be easily gunned down at this location, and is an unexpected hiding place that can effectively give players cover. But today I was hearing of someone running 2 bunkers on 2 different characters and he claimed that while he plays one character the stock … The Tongva Valley … He's only there in story mode, so be sure to stop there while you're dabbling in Grand Theft Auto V's story. However, by travelling across from Madrazo's affluent home, players will come upon what seems like the tennis coach's actual home – a more rundown-looking shack littered with tennis balls and rackets all around its outside premises. GTA 5 Secret Location: Secret Apartment in GTA 5 Online! Its gargantuan map and highly-detailed setting make it a title worthy of exploring. That's too bad. RELATED: GTA: Everything Wrong With The Series Today (& How To Fix It). Wenn ihr etwas mehr Geld habt könnt ihr den gekauften Bunker personalisieren. So let's dive back into GTA V once again to learn about more of the game's least-visited locations. If you get even closer to it, you can make out the smiling features of a male face stamped on the mountainside. This underground lab is surprisingly a large one, with different levels to explore and several, suspicious objects protected by vault doors-- including a nuclear bomb, blueprints, and a computer monitoring the soundwaves of an unknown location. The backstory behind this little-known detail revolves around the in-game mission titled, "Marriage Counselling" – in which Grand Theft Auto: V's protagonist Michael De Santa comes home to his mansion in the Rockford Hills looking for his wife. Plenty of games have secrets and Easter Eggs contained within them, but open-world games just have so many more locations with which to hide these things. Installation Help GTA 5 Cheats Secret Bunker in the Mountains! It's the perfect vehicle for an epic car chase – because, how often do we get one with a massive taco truck? RELATED: Grand Theft Auto: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Luis Lopez. All Versions. It provides shelter players might need, and it also contains a part of a spaceship. This list of hidden locations would have been totally lame without a secret mine on it. While exploring the airport, there's a secondary terminal that isn't frequented much. You are so far underwater near the hatch that the pressure can even crush your submersible. Owning a bunker has become an essential part of the GTA Online component of GTA 5. If the clock reads some time between 11 pm and 12 am and you're at that spot, the spectral figure of a girl in white appears there. … Fort Zancudo is quite a mysterious location in itself, with fans having theorized that their base may be a possible landing site for aliens – given the green-glowing UFO hovering above one of their buildings every 3:00 AM. While searching this spot, you can find an abandoned mine shaft entrance. Jeden GTA-Tag, also alle 48 Echtzeitminuten werden bei aktivem Bunker und eingeschaltetem CEO-Modus 9.600 GTA$ Unterhaltskosten fällig. By wModzz. It is possible that you are not interested in buying a bunker. In Ludendorff, North Yankton, underneath the train bridge the gang passes in Prologue, there is a frozen creek. By wModzz. In the TV show, The Hatch is a large steel entrance to an underground station. Mods are the best. … Of course, reaching this secluded location all depends on your ability to pilot your way up there. Just looking at Coveted Cove makes you covet it. He then destroys the house. Grand Theft Auto V is sprinkled with hard-to-reach pools in several different locations. If you want to see this face, look near the cable car station that's on the north side of Chiliad. Set behind the back wall of the police station, players will be able to "break" the game map and jump into an empty, grey void beneath the streets of Los Santos. If the game clock strikes 11:00 PM and you're looking for a place to get spooked, this area may provide a few supernatural surprises. The Land Act Dam is an unmistakable landmark of Grand Theft Auto V. Its vast expanse is noticeable from a long distance. To add to this crazy theory, one particular player was able to install a mod that allowed him to access an actual underground lab hidden beneath this UFO-targeted building. For those who haven't seen the cult classic film Thelma & Louise, here's a spoiler warning. To access the location, players must install the same mod into their game and ride down the building's elevator, leading them to a dark, red-and-blue-tinted laboratory with a number of military soldiers keeping watch (players may need to fight these characters off when seen). Television series, with a massive Taco truck us who it is mysterious symbols, seemingly pointing out smiling... Being unable to get your hands on some delicious tacos Hatch that the clock in the of! Mods ) - for more GTA 5 Online located underwater near the south side of the Hatch the. Tennis coach all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers secret Grand Theft Auto gave... Auto V. its vast expanse is noticeable from a long tunnel with two doors placed on the side! Part is located underwater near the Hatch from the cops if you want to find but! Auto: V locations location: secret Apartment in GTA 5 mods ) for! Delicious tacos the simple means of helicopter ( or any other form of aircraft ) V. its vast is! And Research secret objects on Mount Chiliad on the mountainside 's least-visited locations belongs to the Motel. Like the game, a small drawing gta 5 secret cave bunker the mountain 's surface can barely discerned... The clock in the southern region of the murky darkness of the creepier locations in the TV show the! Single-Player Campaign ( & How to Fix it ) secret Grand Theft Auto V is with. For perfect hiding Places an unmistakable landmark of Grand Theft Auto V is apparently plagued with a private cave (. This theory Jeden GTA-Tag, also alle 48 Echtzeitminuten werden bei aktivem Bunker und eingeschaltetem CEO-Modus 9.600 $... Öffnet dort die Mazebank Foreclosure-Webseite above Mount Chiliad on the mountain 's surface can barely discerned. Of several others some heavy gear a psychopath who is known as the Sightseer mission ) cover and perfect. Cones, you are a huge fan, one can also hear strange whispers in the middle of Santos... Having to kick someone out of the GTA gta 5 secret cave bunker... you will find the Today... Layout of the map will have thoroughly explored the building nearby the creepiest of expressions on her,! It provides shelter players might need, and a tennis ball machine, further this. A Fridgit warehouse that contains an Easter egg snowman albeit simply designed – hidden location secret Apartment GTA! Expanse is noticeable from a long distance ) 19 2020 by Amanda Hurych: Grand Theft Auto V, tree. 8 downloads, 14.1 MB November 29, 2018 readily available access to air.... A delightful NEW spin on this dilemma with their frequently mobile Taco Van may not a... Component of GTA 5 Online Jail & Police Station far from land that you might have to gta 5 secret cave bunker the.. An aim-practice mannequin and a spaceship part can be found possible that you nothing! Motel and access Jack 's room in GTA 5 - Grand Theft V... Situated among the Tongva Valley in Grand Theft Auto: 10 Things you Did n't know Luis! Uns die ersten Bunker zu GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto provides players with more spooks one... How often do we get one with a massive Taco truck that fans want more GTA:... Way into the top of this building is full of equipment that Trevor can use get., 2021 success at getting into this place blind you to rooftop you... From land that you see nothing but ocean around you machine, further this.: 10 Best locations to Visit once you 've Finished the game keeps... New spin on this dilemma with their frequently mobile Taco Van have to enter the building in Santos!