Problem persists when vehicle is in motion and stationary, Dimmer for dash lights / gauges does nothing. When i was finally able to drive it at night i realized the touch screen and instrument panel did not dim when the headlights came on as it says that it will do. ( map went crazy one day and froze up. I disagree. Need help. My main concern is that humming noise and where is it coming from should i be concerned with the transmission? At night when I put the car in reverse the reverse camera is so bright I can barely see out the windows, and occasionally my dash lights come on very bright and I can’t dim them. 3 weeks after I purchased it used, Jeep Compass it made a whining sound, when it got louder I was losing acceleration and then could not make it go over 40mph. Now about 8-9mos later driving on freeway and service transmission flashes and tranny fluid temperature is at 210 degrees! The Wrangler Rubicon includes a standard part-time Rock-Trac ® 4x4 system or you can choose the new available full-time Rock-Trac 4x4 system, that automatically switches from 2WD to 4WD when slippage occurs. Briefly describe your experience I HAD TO GO OUTSIDE MY VEHICLE TO REMOTE START IT IN ORDER TO GO. The computer sometimes works on the screen and sometimes doesnt. I would get any other vehicle over a Jeep. We have had to get 3 alignments last year while we wore out 2 sets of tires within a year!!! Ours was one of the last cars made at the Italian plant and his was one of the first made in India. Told them I’m not an idiot and something is wrong and I won’t drive it til it’s fixed. Said start stop was resetting .after sitting along side road for 2 hours whining noise stopped from front and car started but service engine notice came up . I took it to Jeep three times and they could not find anything wrong with it. In the meantime, you are welcome to call us right away at 855-301-2100. Please enter a valid phone number. So far, the issue has not happened again. In addition the vehicle was missing a bolt in a bar in the undercarriage of the vehicle, which has been on order for several weeks. i also had an error with the stop/start feature. Last month the this symbol A! Would not run over 9 miles an hour had it towed to the dealership where they “charged “ one of the two batteries for 3 days the car has 8k miles on it and I was told “ you don’t drive the car enough “ now 3 weeks later car ( with new battery per the dealership) doesn’t want to start !! This happened at least 4 more times. One of our staff members will call you shortly. Don’t make the same mistake. Been doing since i picked it up from the dealer on 01/19/2018. After the install they advised the vehicle still doesn’t work and don’t know what the issue is. 2014 Sport, 2wd, 2.4L, 6 speed tranny, Winter Chill, Ok, 3 codes were shown: U1407, U1425 & U1424. My insurance company stated that they only pay up to $100 for towing, and will not cover any rental expenses, which are at a cost of $40 per day. Voice command for search does not work (eg ‘gas stations’ not address in NZ), New Zealand Jeep and Andrew Simms (dealer) is so bad at support that they have not come back to me for vseveral months. I have taken the car to the showroom and they said the coolant pipe was blocked and luckily I have not driven too much other wise Engine would have burnt out. Vehicle was immediately returned as the update did nothing. View and Download Jeep Compass 2021 owner's manual online. the dealership has put me on a waiting list to have it looked at. 2018 Jeep compass trailhawk was bought in July of 2019. They still refuse at of today. Before I changed the air filter and battery, this problem was happening every 1/2 mile to … Both ourselves and my son bought our cars NEW in 2018 these issues have just started to happen . Get all of's best Celebrities lists, news, and more. since buying the vehicle it has been in the shop multiple times. Vehicle was immediately returned as the update did nothing. Had a start/stop error illuminated on the dash. IRONICALLY my 2008 jeep commander did in fact shut down on me TWICE ON INTERSTATE i95 once in the Hudson valley and once in westchester. Most brand-new vehicles don’t stall in the middle of an intersection. So far, Jeep has not made public a remedy for any of these issues. I barely hit the curb at less then 1 mile a hour. The vehicle was taken to the dealer on September 22nd of 2020, they charged $300 for a software update and sent me on my way. Took the car on a road trip and it shut down twice while driving once on a railroad track. I did NOT get a check engine light; just abrupt shifting and a noticeable whine on one particular day. The car was in drive and would not move the emergency parking brake service light came on car would not move completely shut down it was towed and the dealership said it was the battery and replaced. I took it to the dealership and they said it was something to do with oil consumption. Eventually the vehicle quit starting all together. We also have a 2018 we bought brand new. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert and consumer car reviews, dealer reviews, car … The last time, we had our foot on the brake and put it into drive and it took off. Many reports portray Jeep’s compact offering, the Compass, as inefficient and underpowered. Butuef nothing is wrong if it wasnt a ten thousand dollar hit i would get rid of it! It makes a humming noise and it sounds like when you are slowing down it’s almost like it’s shifting down. The SUV is well-known for an engine that dies without warning, often at the most inopportune times. 6,500 miles only. What Happens When You File for Bankruptcy. The ball joint on the passenger side just broke. Doesnt want to stay paired. They said at the time that it was not a recall but that other similar small SUVs were having the same issue. Lights in mirrors stay on, radio goes black, and locks dont work. 2018 Jeep Renegade. Eventually the vehicle quit starting all together. The dealership stated that the diagnostic fee will be at a cost of $166. Next up there’s the abysmal Uconnect infotainment display. Also it states my tyres were dangerously low pressure AA Came and checked the pressure they could find no issue I bought a 2018 Jeep Compass trailhawk used in July of 2019. What should be the next option. Contacted dealer who stated that the start/stop auxiliary battery supply was bad. Navigation screen and backup camera blindingly bright when dark out, creating safety hazard. Navigation screen goes out a lot. The car sat dead for 30 mins until a nice old man helped me jump the car. We look forward to working with you to resolve your legal issues. The part didn’t arrive until early November 2020. Only 35k miles on it and I have 6yr 60k warranty on it! The engine and transmission light come on and no one seems to understand the problem. The 2018 Compass carries on a long-lasting tradition of subpar gearboxes with two new automatics: a 6-speed and a 9-speed. . 2018 Ram 3500. These cars are dangerous and should not be in production anymore. 2018 jeep compass sport shut down and stopped itself in middle of 45mph traffic. The car shuts down, jerks while driving and the key fob is not working. Absolute lemon and I want it gone. Upon starting vehicle and shifting into drive, vehicle has started rolling in reverse on the incline even though the transmission is in drive. See the jurisdictions in which our lawyers are licensed, admitted, or otherwise authorized to practice. They are now 8 to $2000+ in damages. I just purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass, at 21 days both the transmission and service engine lights came on. i have had it towed to the dealership twice, because it would not move… wouldn’t shift into drive or reverse. I do not feel safe driving this car. Extreme amount of steam was coming out of the exhaust. I got a 2018 Jeep Compass trailhawk in 2020, not even 3 months into having the car it was having all kinds of electrical problems. Do not assume that you are entitled to any compensation as a result of the consumer complaints you have. Per dealer, computer shows no indication of the problem or code information about it. Get 2016 Jeep Wrangler values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. My windows would sometimes not go down, the locks would lock and unlock by themselves while driving and the some radio/setting buttons on the display and steering wheel would not work. Warranty goes out at 36000 I’m frustrated with the whole mess. The 2019 Jeep Cherokee has 21 problems reported for engine shut down. They replaced the engine and did a software update to fix the electrical issues. When I would come to a complete stop, it would then shut completely off. My vehicle has been in the shop for 4 months now with no end in sight. It didn’t stahl but it was close. Vehicle was taken to jeep dealer and there was a 2019 jeep compass there that shut down going 75 mph on highway. Vehicle ran fine until July of 2020. I have had it at the dealership they say the noise is normal . I live in Illinois, where lemon law doesn’t cover used vehicles. be equipped with power lumbar. Lights in mirrors came on and stayed on. I had a Jeep Compass April 2018 bought in May 2018 . I purchased 2018 Jeep Compass 2 years ago . It’s still does it and no one can tell us why. Now i have the same stop/start unavailable error again, AND the headliner is now leaking! Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of bad manufacturing and run-arounds from auto companies. The service tech admitted it was burning oil but will not remedy the situation because it is within spec for Chrysler ( burning 1 quart every 1000 miles). To start it would sound as though it was gearing down yet no change in rpm or gas paddle pressure, just the sound. The contact depressed the accelerator pedal and the “gear shift” message displayed. Email is required to block spam, but will not be published. So far, no recalls or public campaigns have been issued to address the transmission concerns. I brought this to the dealers attention at the first oil change. Automobile Jeep 2012 Compass Owner's Manual (497 pages) ... for easy recall through a memory switch. Coasted to stop on shoulder of road. Jeep is not good in transmission from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rdgear. 1991 and later AW4s have a new style and length of throttle valve cable to accomodate the changes from the RENIX throttle body and linkages/brackets to the new HO throttle body and linkages/brackets. Car was towed to dealership. Radio issues randomly turning off. THIS ONLY HAPPENED ONCE. Internal engine issue (not clearly identified) caused the engine to internally explode leaving metal fragments all over the inside of the engine. So far, from following suggestions in forums, I have cleaned the throttle body, replaced my accelerator sensor assembly (gas pedal assembly), changed my air filter and replaced my battery. MY Jeep is having some problems. Briefly describe your experience. I leased a 2018 Jeep Compass in Jan 2018 worst car I have ever driven. The Engine was overheated and the warning lights shown up. Shortly after, the vehicle violently jolted forward and then dropped,” states another account on the NHTSA website. They also wanted proof that I had my oil changes done on time. Received messages service transmission and service engine. I have to get it to the dealer. This is surely unacceptable performance for such low mileage. Had instrument panel cluster software update recall work completed but issue not resolved with recall work. 2018 Jeep Compass latitude has had multiple issues with the screen and radio system , but is now on it second round back at the dealership with a constant ticking sound . Sit back and let the experts work aid your lemon at no cost to you. When my car was only 3 month old, they found a gasket leakage because the car won’t speed up. Latley we have had I stances where driving down the highway all of a sudden the temprature spikes, we get a warning of overheating, it instantly bogs right down like its going to stall then when you press on the gas again ecerythjngreturns to normal. Second time the car shut down at a red light was able to restart the vehicle the key fob was not able to be detected. Every year, auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners like you. I have contacted head office and still no really. THEN MY START/STOP STOPPED WORKING. They said it was the valve body and transmission control module. Switched phones and upgraded. Emergency brakes should not be mechanical!!! Returned from dealer service on 09-01-2018 at approximately 10:30 hours. Pulled over to a Jeep dealership, he witnessed the sound and agreed after test drive to not drive it any further on my trip that was uphill. I have to stop and restart engine, then it’s fine. Simply shuts down in the middle of a highway or side street.”. I have a 2018 Jeep Compass That has shut down twice while driving , no explanation. JavaScript is disabled. Thank you for requesting your free case evaluation. And is hesitating to drive this is the worst car ever !! 2018 Jeep compass trailhawk was bought in July of 2019. Confidentiality Guarantee: We keep your information completely confidential and will not send you spam or sell your information. Message or call 877-795-3666 today. Jeep should be recalling these vehicles for this before someone gets killed. 2018 Jeep compass 35000 miles…if I sit in neutral to long or use parking brake without turning the car off and on before driving again, it will only go 10mph!!! We've fixed thousands of lemon problems. Only one code came back and it was saying low oil. Obviously, the wayward cluster is a safety issue, yet Jeep has not issued a recall to address the problem. I took it back to Jeep and did a software update to fix the issue. compass: I am getting 2 lightening bolts and a traction control,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Worst car, I bought the limited edition 2018, the transmission temperature is always above 240, took it to dealer, said it’s normal. Since then this car has completely died and wouldn’t start 3 other times. I have, An apartment complex my mom lives in has denied me to care for her due to a background check I let them run. 2018 Ram 1500. Could it also be possible that after doing the test, that all that needs to be done is to have my TCM and new PCM programed and calibrated to work together? 2 weeks later the car would not go more than 9 mph towed to dealership where they said they were charging the batteries (2) for three days then I was told the car isn’t running because I don’t drive it enough . Sound off and share your experience with other visitors in the comment box below. The dealership indicated that the jeep is out of warranty by 10,000 miles. I am really unhappy with that let see what happen in a few months. 5 mins later it turned right back on ! I was driving in a 30 mph zone and the warning light of “4wd unavailable” came on and then my car wouldn’t literally move. The dealer was very lazy and didn’t care about my situation (in fact they loaned me a wrecked vehicle, and tried to blame me when I complained. My Jeep compass 2018 had 1. the display system crash several times including screen going static and remaining on with very high volume even after switching car off (thought it was going to blow), 2. and i had to argue with them about getting a loaner vehicle, which they originally wanted me to pay for. They said they needed to fix the axle shafts which they did but still hearing sound. Then I started having electrical issues at the same time. The 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee has 1008 problems & defects reported by Grand Cherokee owners. Brought again to the dealership said that it was the key fob and they would replace the key fob but it is on back order. The blazingly intense backup camera isn’t the Uconnect display’s only problem; the unit is also known to freeze up and crash without warning. The staff of the building called me. information (year, engine, etc.) It had turned off three times before. VEHICLE STALLED WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE STREET. The radio has been replaced 3 times, the brakes had a recall, and it broke down on the side of the road completely out of oil at 6,000 miles. I had to call a towing service to take the car back to the original place of purchase for $245.00. Each is available with … Obviously a lie. I took it to the dealer they the symbol with some Upgrade they set but The noise is normal apparently, the guy told me that is bc the engine gets hot and it has to cool dawn bc is to hot.I set ok I will wait until winter and let see if it continue doing it. I bought a 2018 Jeep Compass and the transmisión and service engine lights are ON. Both units are known for all kinds of problems from jerking to falling into “limp mode”. I didnt even make it home a week ago, after having my car for 3 weeks. Engine shut off without warning while driving on interstate highway. After 20 minutes i restarted it and worked normal. i already have to replace the pads and rotors on this vehicle. Compensation for potential legal violations, and any results obtained, depends upon the specific factual and legal circumstances of each case. i purchased the vehicle November of 2018. it is still under warranty. Now battery went dead and new one won’t start it and it’s saying emergency brake needs service…but won’t start .. Please save your time and money and no NOT get the Compass,” writes an owner on Find RepairPal Certified mechanics in your area. Denied, Things You Can Do Yourself When You Have a Lemon. I have a 2012 2.0l manual jeep compass… it has just 35000miles.. i bought it 2017 and it has fsh….the gearbox started whining a few weeks ago and now is very rattley and feels like it will pack in altogether at any time so no longer driving it at rhis point. ... Push and release the set (S) button on the 3. Explore the off-road capabilities, 4x4 systems with Renegade Trailhawk, and fuel efficiencies. BODY BUILDER'S GUIDE All the information you need to upfit your Ram vehicle, including dimensions, ... it will apply the brakes and reduce engine throttle to help the driver maintain directional control.Optional and aftermarket equipment shown. There is no way of I love my Compass because of the style and features but I hate all the issues I’ve had with it. I’ve driven the vehicle under 747… WTF?! WHEN I TRY TO START MY VEHICLE IT DOES NOT START BUT SAYS ENGINE IS RUNNING. They told us the compass uses alot of oil and that we need oil changes every 1500 miles. Vehicle would display multiple service lights, at random times the vehicle would not shift, vehicle wouldn’t go over 40 on highway. The radio will randomly just shut off and restart like a computer that is rebooting. I purchased a 2018 jeep compass latitude in April of 2018, the back up camera screen goes completely black and shuts off, the radio constantly shuts off, and on 9-28-2020, the jeep would not start, so therefore I purchased a battery for $144, and on 09-29-2020, I drove for approximately 11 miles and the jeep would not accelerate over 16 miles per hour, and finally would not go forward. Lights saying service engine and oil pressure were flashing on screen. Then I had a serious problem, I was coming out of a neighborhood going around a bend at 25-30mph about to get on a freeway, the car completely shut off while driving steering wheel locked up all service lights came on and the ebrake engaged my car went sideways and slid onto a curb. I’m currently looking to trade this one for a different make. 1997, the AW4 is exactly the same as the 1990.5-1996 units, except the electrical connector for the wiring harness changed. Blue tooth occasionally works. They issue was that the oil was burning quickly and the Compass wasn’t telling me causing damage to the engine. I am out of my warranty and my extended warranty wouldn’t cover replacement because it’s considered a maintenance item. my auto start light came on at an intersection then my vehicle went full throttle and would not back off until I pumped the brake pedal and gas pedal finally backed off and displayed a red lightning bolt that said warning check throttle! All the same lights were on and every once in a while it would stop acceleration and die down on the road. It’s been to the dealership and, of course, they find nothing wrong. The part didn’t come in until early November. While attempting to accelerate, the vehicle failed to move. At an intersection and it completely shits down and the emergency brakes are engaged. Went to turn around on a slick road, the ice dragged me right into the curb. You may be able to get your lemon out of your life. I miss my car. They obviously know this and yet continue to flaunt the legislation. Wifes 2018 compass shut down in middle of intersection . Bought a 2018 Jeep Compass and it turns off on the road. Lights dim at all times now 9900 miles on this 2018 leased new paying for 15,000 miles a year I’m almost 2 years into 3 year lease .. it’s unsafe to drive. Selena Burgher. With a 4:1 low gear ratio, Tru-Lok ® Electronic Locking Front and Rear Differentials and an Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect, it’s always ready for the off-road. Take, for example, the Jeep Compass with its supposedly high-tech Multiview Driver Information Display and Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system. After coming across your website I knew I had to reach out. “Front display panel flashes off and screen goes completely black then service light comes on and engine stalls,” complains another driver. Related Manuals for Jeep Compass 2020. Read more about the firm. After much research it looks like I might have a lemon. Write a comment below to share online. The dealership is minimizing the issue. 15 minutes down the road the car goes into limp mode and won’t drive over 30 mph. Has this happened to anyone else. 2018 Jeep Compass. Vehicle was taken to dealer on September 22nd of 2020. Please enter a valid email adress, Your phone Want to explore options to have my money refunded to me. Research the 2020 Jeep Gladiator at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. The 2021 Jeep® Renegade is a no average compact SUV. On the NHTSA website, one owner writes, “Car has shut off three times while driving. “total lemon”, My 2018 Jeep Compass just did something very similar. The entire engine needs to be replaced. I’ve had this car less than a year. I have taken it to the Jeep and they can’t duplicate the problem! But I had pictures of the damage from when I took possession). Dealer advised, a month later, it had a bad valve body and transmission control module. Heading back again this week . Nothing about the warmed-over SUV – including its reliability record – is encouraging. So I am completely stuck. Car only has 11000 mi on it, DRIVING AND THE WHOLE PANEL WENT DARK, RADIO AND EVERYTHING – CAME BACK ON APPROX 2 HOURS LATER. I’m short, don’t waste your time or money with Jeep/Dodge/Fiat. I have 53000 miles on my 2017 Jeep compass lattitude; which I purchased new; I had to have both batteries replaced because it didn’t start last Wednesday when I was leaving work. Still does the same. I may have your solution. The unit houses the rearview camera, which, like the aforementioned instrument cluster, is abnormally bright. When vehicle is placed in reverse, the 8.4” Uconnect screen shows the backup camera at full brightness. Couldnt find my destination. Brought the Jeep back after 2000 miles and again it was low (about 2 quarts). The first problem I had was when I got in the car to start it, it wouldn’t even register that I was trying to turn the car on like it had completely died. The commander would restart and be fine after shutting it down and restarting it. I would love for my vehicle to be taken care of too. Who are we? What’s your name? I purchased my 2018 Jeep Compass Trailhawk in Dec 2017 brand new. GM to recall 7 million vehicles due to potentially deadly Takata airbags 11/24/2020 Eighteen people have died and hundreds have reportedly been injured by these airbags in the U.S. there are water stains all over the headliner. I’m short, don’t waste your time or money with Jeep/Dodge/Fiat. The first time the car completely shut down all the dash board lights came on, blinking a d beeping. Well after having the batteries replaced the light is no longer on and the stop start feature doesn’t work (I don’t like this feature). Just want one that is going to work and not fear the fact that the system can fry. I brought this to the dealers attention at the first oil change. All lights were blinking out of control!!! Ran fine until August of 2020. A person with the same DOB & First and Last Name with criminal record & jail time at Arizona Penitentiary is all the time link to my profile. Have you had a bad experience too? “We purchased our 2018 Jeep Compass in December 2017 and have been in and out of the shop FOUR TIMES! It has already accelerated in reverse 3 times and accelerate forward once which hit bricks and went through bushes and did damage to the vehicle. this car has need a jump 2x and now this am on my way to work the car decelerated and wouldnt go over 19 mph , im so upset and confused , if its not one thing its another , i pray they fix this bucket cause ive seen noting but problems and complaints about these little LEMONS.